Our mission is to bring on-demand wellbeing to every workplace.
    You know our mission. Now learn why we do what we do—and the people who make it possible.
    What we do
    The story behind Rise

    Rise was created to improve the discovery and payment of health, fitness and wellbeing services that people need to live a happy, healthy and fullfilled life.

    Between the ages of 18 and 65, most of us spend around 35% of our adult waking lives in work. It makes sense that by improving workplaces ability to enhance employee wellbeing not only provides a bottom line impact for the business, but can also improve our chances of being a balanced, happy and healthy species.

    We're driven by a sense of purpose and a desire to simplify the complexity of the health and wellbeing market by providing easy discovery and payment through good technology, for every workplace and employee regardless of their budget or location.

    Our Board of Directors
    James Jameson
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Matthew Collins
    Chief Technology Officer
    Tamzin Evershed
    Board Director, Legal and Privacy
    Lisa Powis
    Tim Johnson
    Board Director, Employee Benefits
    Board Advisors
    Our strategic advisors have unqiue domain expertise in technology, marketplaces, payment, health, wellbeing and workplaces combined with a passion for the future of work.
    Amy McKeown
    Emily Klein
    Sam Evans
    Finnias Cackett
    Nick Mills
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