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    The Employee Wellbeing Platform for Modern Workplaces. Rise is an all-in-one platform for managing employee wellbeing services and building engaged and high-performing teams.
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    Set your team up for success with a healthy, happy workplace

    Rise makes it easy for employees and teams to find and pay for the best in independent boutique yoga and fitness classes, and world-leading wellbeing, coaching and emotional development sessions. For individuals, groups and company. All delivered as an employee benefit.

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    Understand your employees wellbeing needs

    With Rise's unique Wellbeing Credit® functionality,seamlessly allocate budget for every employee, with auto-refresh each month or year. Employees can easily top up their Wellbeing Credit with their personal cards, seamlessly calculated and charged to the Wellbeing Credit® and the employees card at checkout if needed. Employees easily know how much they have to spend on wellbeing, and feel fully supported by you.

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    Simple all-in-one platform
    Remove the hassle of multi-vendor management

    Simple pricing and a single platform for all vendors, with one invoice. Put all of your remote wellbeing spend in one place.

    Simple reporting, visibility and management. Complete control over merchants and spend.

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    Built for remote teams
    Retain and attract more global talent

    No matter where your employees or team members are based, they can actively improve their wellbeing as part of your remote culture. Boutique independent fitness and yoga, accredited coaching and training, advanced nutrition and meditation for performance and health.

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    Why rise
    We work with exclusive partners delivering best-in-class services for you or the team
    Starting at
    £7.00 /virtual session
    Yoga on the Lane
    East London's most welcoming yoga space. Host a range of classes, courses and workshops.
    Starting at
    £11.00 /class
    Foundry Fitness
    A world class personal training & group training facilities in the heart of the City of London which offers a results driven, client focused service. Now with online classes accessible anywhere in the world.
    Starting at
    £99.99 /online group session
    Uden Pilates
    Focus on supporting the health in both the bodies and the minds of your employees by bringing online Pilates classes to your employees while they're at home.
    Starting at
    £30.00 /30 minute session
    Helen Bashford
    Yoga teaches us to get out of our head and into our bodies, out of fight or flight mode. Helen has over 20 years experience in delivering 1-1 and group yoga.
    Loved by your employees
    Here's why global teams trust Rise to build a healthy, and happy team culture
    "All of us want a long and healthy life, control over our wellbeing and the ability to make choices about how we balance self-care with the demands of a fulfilling career. It’s not just for millennials! Rise offers employers a real chance to make a positive difference to their employees’ lives and in Rise they will find a partner that combines cutting-edge innovation with excellence and has all the legal and compliance matters covered."
    Tamzin Evershed
    Chief Privacy Officer
    "Rise provides a way for us to let employees choose what they want to spend on their health and wellbeing benefits which, not only does it offer great value for money, it's been a great benefit as we move to remote working."
    Anna Clare-Ross
    Chief People Officer
    "Rise is doing something really different, my clients love the idea that their employees can book sessions remotely as an employee benefit."
    Jean Powell
    Wellbeing Consultant
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